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Ozone Therapy

When we hear the word ozone, we automatically think of our environment and how pollutants and the negative effects they have on the atmosphere. However, ozone therapy is drastically different and can pose many benefits to the body when it is administered medically.

Ozone therapy can be introduced into the body through various methods, including liquid intake or blood plasma re-injected into muscles, tissue, or joints. Ozone therapy works to increase the levels of oxygen in the body. Oxygen naturally detoxifies and cleanses, making it a great antiviral, antibiotic, antifungal, antiparasitic, and antimicrobial agent. Unfortunately, because our environment is filled with more toxins and pollutants than it was centuries ago, our bodies are struggling more and more to obtain the oxygen levels required to function at maximum capacity. This makes us more vulnerable to a variety of illnesses and diseases.

Uses for Ozone Therapy Sidney, OH

What Does Ozone Therapy do to the Body?

Once you and your physician have decided on introducing ozone to the body that works best for your specific needs, four major components will be affected.

  • Naturally detoxifies. Similar to how the ozone is used to purify water and air, the same principle applies to the body. Because ozone has an additional ion that produces a negative charge, it can bind with toxins and neutralize them, allowing the body to dispose of them so they can no longer have a negative impact.
  • Natural antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral, and antiparasitic. Ozone is almost 5,000 times more powerful than chlorine bleach but without the toxicity, making it impossible for these organisms to survive once they make contact with ozone yet safe for the body.
  • Naturally boosts the immune system. The immune system naturally produces ozone to heal and defend the body from illness and injury. When medical ozone is administered, it boosts these innate defenses.
  • Improves blood quality. Ozone can help increase blood cell function and motility while increasing circulation and metabolism.

Regardless of how minor or severe an illness, whether a viral cold or a chronic condition, the body requires oxygen to heal. Without proper levels of oxygen in the body, the immune system diminishes, and so does its ability to ward off bacteria, viruses, autoimmune disorders, and cancer.

Ozone therapy works with the immune system by giving it the fuel it needs to defend against these unwanted attackers. Ozone can be introduced to the body in many ways, including through the ears, vaginally, rectally, topically, or through IV applications.

Ozone therapy is a natural alternative for those in need of immune system restoration and who do not want to endure the negative side effects on the body from prescription medications. Ozone therapy has been utilized around the world for over 50 years and is gaining more popularity in the states due to its incredible results with minimal invasiveness and fast-acting results.