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PneuBack Program

Pneumex equipment combined with course training provides cutting edge programs that provide treatment for the entire spectrum of back care. If your goal is rehabilitation, geriatric care, general fitness, or specific professional athletic conditioning, Pneumex Programs provide tremendous results.

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Dr. Schubert and rehab clinics, professional trainers, hospitals, and care centers across the United States, are using Pneumex equipment combined with Pneumex programs to provide stellar care for their clients.

PneuVibro Trac Table
PneuWeight and Treadmill

PneuBack Rehabilitation Programs

The PneuBack Program is a 24-visit, 7-step program developed to address chronic low back pain associated with sciatica, radiculopathy, herniated discs, and other back and neck conditions. The program is designed to break the pain cycle, strengthen backs, and correct the original cause of the problem.

Thousands of patients have been treated with the PneuBack Program and have benefited from the effectiveness of the protocols. In most cases, surgery has been prevented. Post MRIs have shown rehydration and disc height increase. The mission of Dr. Schubert and his staff is to help as many individuals with back issues as we can. We offer hope and healing.

ProVibe and Pneuback Exercise
PneuBack Chair and Chair Unweighting
Provibe and Back Stretch Chair