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Subluxations are often the cause of discomfort not only in the spine but throughout the body as a whole. When one or more of your vertebrae is out of place and puts pressure on your spinal nerves, it can be more than just simple back pain. Because your nervous system controls everything your body does, even a small misalignment along the major nerve known as the spinal cord can disrupt many other bodily functions.

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Why suffer when you don’t have to? Come into our chiropractic clinic and experience our natural drug-free treatment for everything from sciatica to TMJ!

Chiropractic Care for Subluxations

What is the Vertebral Subluxation? Lima, OHDr. Schubert is an expert at finding and reducing or correcting subluxations. Scientific evidence points to the health benefits of correcting these problems. While it may seem that your spine is simply being aligned, there is so much more to it. Our adjustments allow your body to achieve its highest possible level of health. By working with the bones, we relieve strain on the nerves and muscles. This gets rid of the stress on your nervous system.

Anyone with acute back pain knows that even a small muscle out of place can be very painful. Correcting a subluxation also helps the soft tissue in the area. The tendons, ligaments, and other tissues around your spine are sensitive to a misaligned bone. Soft tissues like these can actually be quite far removed from the actual subluxation and still experience discomfort and even pain.

By correcting all these issues, we allow your body to find its natural balance. Long term chemical imbalances resulting from subluxations can cause discomfort almost anywhere, including digestive issues and headaches. Come into our clinic today and see how fast an adjustment from Dr. Schubert can get you back to 100%!

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Chiropractic Treatment for Pain

We feel that communication is critical when it comes to the chiropractic treatment we provide for you. Our staff makes the extra effort needed to find the source of your pain. The next step is to develop a plan that is completely customized for your condition.

Your pain is not the same as anyone else’s. Your therapy should not be, either. Call us to learn about our drug-free pain management techniques, and let us help you get rid of your pain and keep it away! You won't be disappointed!

Once you find out how much better you feel with your subluxations corrected, you will enjoy visits to keep everything feeling just right. Restoring your health is a great way to reinvigorate your body!